ANDREESSEN: If You Get An English Degree In College, You’re Going To End Up Working At A Shoe Store


Marc Andreessen is one of the smartest people in the tech world.


He founded Netscape and now is a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm that has led investments in startups such as Fab and Pinterest.

(Andreessen is also personally invested in Business Insider.)

This morning at the DealBook conference, Andreessen spoke about how he believed in getting a college education. But he feels certain some majors will get people much farther than others.

Andreessen thinks there are really two types of degrees that can be pursued.

  1. A math-based major, like engineering or economics. Those will set people up in a big way, according to Andreessen
  2. The “softer stuff,” like English.

I’m sure it’s fun, but the average college graduate with a degree in something like English is going to end up working in a shoe store, he said.

Here’s a live blog of his talk.

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